History of Eyelash Enhancement

Enhancing our own natural beauty through makeup is certainly nothing new. Its origins date back to 4,000 BC when both Egyptian women and men dolled themselves up with rouge, powders, and even kohl which was used to enhance eyes, lashes, brows. Superstition and beauty were the impetuses behind this trend that has lasted through to modern times.

During the Victorian Age, it was considered a birth defect to have pale eye lashes, and in 1840, EugenRimmel, a London perfumer invented what we know as mascara. Maybelline was born in 1913, when T.L. Williams mixed coal dust and petroleum jelly and named it after his sister Maybel and the main ingredient – Vaseline.

Twiggy, one of the most famous models of all time,really took the look of luscious lashes to the next level when she started using Helena Rubenstein’s mascara wand and tube applicator invented in 1957. Mascara has basically stayed the same all this time, and many women use a similar product today. Unfortunately Mascara’s lengthy history makes it easy to neglect the fact that there are now some far superior and all natural alternatives, which can deliver better results in a much safer way.

Needless to say for centuries women from all corners of the globe have craved longer, thicker, darker eyelashes. This undeniable desire for perfect eyelashes has ensured that there are now many ways to try and achieve that desired look.

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